The Agency

Founders of Adsvisers, pureplayer SEA and Social Ads agency, we have helped and supported advertisers in their traffic acquisition strategies for more than 5 years. We managed to raise more than €100 Million in annual budget on Google and Facebook, and we had the opportunity to collaborate with clients such as Tinder, Pandora, Courir and Ubisoft.

Our operations laid at the very core of the advertising market and its evolution, and we realised that content creation was no longer serving the media, but quite the opposite actually.

In fact, the algorithms of these giants of the industry (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) feed and thrive on video content.

That is how Splashr came to birth: its mission is to help businesses become more performance driven thanks to thriving content. By 2021, 82% of all internet consumer traffic will be video content. The media era is therefore replaced by one of content, and especially video content.